How to create an affiliate link

How to create an affiliate link

Affiliates are responsible for creating their own affiliate links, and they can create links via the Affiliate Dashboard. If the user is logged out and they view the Affiliate Dashboard, they will see the registration form, but if they are logged in they will see their own dashboard which contains information about commissions, clicks and payments. This is also where the user can create their affiliate links.

To create an affiliate, the user needs to click on Generate Link

At the top of the Generate Link page, you will see your general affiliate link for your website for that specific affiliate. If anyone clicks on this link, they will be taken to your website’s homepage.

However, the user might want to refer potential customers to a certain page on your website, such as a specific product page, and they can do this by generating a custom referral URL.

All they need to do is paste in the URL of the specific page on your website and then click Generate. This will then create a custom affiliate link that will refer potential customers to that specific page.

watch video How to generating a custom referral URL for specific products:-

video with a store name Yozi only fro example to make generating a custom referral URL.